Help Us Get To New Orleans!

Mr. Garcia and the Rock Ensemble will be traveling to New Orleans to take part in the World Strides Heritage Music Festival, April 22nd – 26th. We will be competing with other high school groups from across the nation. As you can imagine, traveling with such a group to any destination can take quite a bit of planning, let alone across the country. The majority of funding for this program comes from parent/guardian/community cash donations and fundraising events. All year long, we have made an effort in fundraising for an event of this magnitude, but even after all of our performances, we still need all the support we can get. The estimated 2014-2015 fundraising goal for Rock Ensemble is approximately $10,000. We need your support to reach our remaining funding goals of $5,000.

Your donation of ANY amount is urgently needed and is greatly appreciated.

Please click on the DONATION button of your choice and follow the easy steps in helping us get to New Orleans.

ALL donations are tax deductible.


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