Beach Buzz: Beach High music director retiring this year

About 1,000 people packed the Miami Beach Senior High auditorium April 28 for the Beach High Rock Ensemble’s 40th anniversary concert. Performers and guests came from near and far to celebrate the last performance led by beloved music director (and Rock Ensemble founder) Doug Burris. After 41 years on the job, Burris, 70, is retiring at year’s end.

The concert featured performances by groupings of Rock Ensemble members from 1972 through 2012, including Exposé lead singer Ann Curless (class of ’82), who performed Don’t Cry Out Loud..

VIP attendees included former Surfside Mayor Paul Novack (Beach High Hall of Fame 2011), producer/songwriter Rudy Perez and Miami-Dade County School Board member Martin Karp.

“It was really beautiful. I still feel like I’m going to wake up. It was like one of those magical moments – a perfect evening,” said Burris, who described the event as “forty years in the making.”


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  1. Teacher/Band Director/ Marvel Doug Burris is a Unique, Talented, Dedicated, Wonderful human being who has, taught, reached, and positively enhanced so many students and peoples lives and hearts!

    His, “ROCK ENSEMBLE,” at Miami Beach High, is WONDERFUL, so many talented students, with their commimtment, they ride a forward wave in loving musical emotion and effort! Such an Extraordinary Program for Students… and their audiences!

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